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How to Buy the Right Car Phone Mount

How to Buy the Right Car Phone Mount

Buying smartphone or tablet accessories is as difficult and confusing as buying the phone or tablet. This is because there are hundreds of options to choose from and it is tough to establish what you actually need. So, what criteria should be adopted to choose the right mount for your device.

Majorly the car phone mounts are classified as below:

  1. Case specific holders
  2. Screw fix holders
  3. Air vent and windscreen Holders

But the type that you want to buy majorly depends on your personal usage and choice. If you are still confused which one to buy, here are few tips that you must keep in mind before buying the car phone mount:

1. Usability: For your ease make sure you buy a car phone mount that gives you full access of the phone without covering the access ports or the buttons. This will ensure hassle free user experience.

2. Convenience: Sometimes the mount is created with accurate precision to allow only the phone to fit into it, without leaving any space for vibration. But, if you don’t like to remove your phone case every time, than you need to decide whether the car phone mount will hold both the phone and its case. Double check the dimensions of the holder to be sure.

3. Design and Features: It is suggested to buy a car phone mount that has a rotatable mounting port so that you can use the phone in landscape mode to access applications like satellite navigation. You can easily find phone holders that feature quick release suction mount and a flexible arm to assist you in positioning the arm as per your convenience. Also, choose a mount with smart design. After all, it will be installed in the front section of the car, so, it must match with the overall interior design of the car.

4. Ease of use: Before buying the phone mount, you need to consider whether it will connect to the textured and polished dash panel. If not, then you must look for the dash grab suction phone mounts. These days CD slot phone mounts are also available in the market. Make sure that the dash panel is dust free, before you install the mount. Also, the locking mechanism must be checked thoroughly before purchase. The Mount should be able to sustain vibrations.

5. Durability: When buying the car or tablet mount, you need to be sure of the strength of the holder. You need to check, whether it is durable or it will break easily. Prefer the holder that is made of high quality plastic to keep your expensive phones and tablets in place. Also, If the mount should be made with tough plastic, which can bear extremes of temperatures.

Last but not the least, there are many manufacturers out there selling cell phone accessories, but it is suggested to buy only from the reputed ones to ensure quality. Always remember, like your expensive smartphones, quality mounts comes for a price. So, you must choose wisely.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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