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Tips to Make your First Pool Party a Success

A pool party is not just an excuse to get another dip in the pool in this scorching summer. It is, in fact, much more fun than a regular house party or a backyard party. You might be a veteran in throwing great parties, but throwing a pool party is an altogether different game. You need to look after several aspects that don’t even apply to regular parties. These aspects range from arranging beach essentials like swimwear, flip flops, sun-screen, beach chairs, umbrellas and other safety equipment.

If you are planning to hit your pool party out of the park, go through the following tips to ensure that it is a success:

1. Prepare the pool: A crystal clear pool is the first and foremost priority of a pool party as no one wants to swim in a murky pool. Visit the pool at least two days before the party and see if it is clean. Ensure that the pool is chlorinated properly and make sure that the pH of the water is at the appropriate level. After this, make another visit to the pool on the morning of and see if the pool is ready for the party. If you are not satisfied, ask the pool manager to get it skimmed or do it yourself.

2. Adequate pool essentials: You need to arrange a number of beach essentials for a pool party. This includes proper swimwear, towels, sunglasses, sun-screen lotion, floatable toys, volley balls, several lounge chairs and tables around the pool. Summer sun can be really hot. Get several spritzers in place so that your guests can cool themselves.

3. Chilled drinks: The sun will definitely take a toll on the beverages. As a host, it is your duty to ensure that you serve ice cold drinks to your guests. It is always better to rely on premium ice sphere molds-you’re guaranteed to impress your guests. These are a simple and cost effective way to serve chilled drinks as the ice spheres prepared by premium ice sphere molds don’t melt as fast as traditional ice cubes. You can get lots of ice spheres ready before the party and store them in a big zip lock bag in your freezer so you don’t run out. Since these premium ice sphere molds are durable and reusable, they are completely worth your money.

4. Right music: Music has the power to make or break any party. If you are not hiring a DJ, make a list of some awesome tracks and hand it over to the person in charge of the music. You might have to keep a personal eye on the music to ensure that it suits the mood of the party.


5. Safety: Being the host, the safety of your guests is your responsibility. You need to be extra careful if you have young guests. Ask the pool manager to arrange for extra lifeguards on the party day if it’s a public pool. Double check their safety apparatus. Strictly guide the children towards the kid’s pool and keep an eye on them. Stick to non-alcoholic beverages to avoid any unwanted situations.

6. Plastic ware: A pool party is a lot of fun and most of the guests are in high spirits. You would definitely not want to deal with broken glasses and plates. It is best to stick with plastic ware even if you don’t like it. Plastic ware is not only cheap, but is also easy to be dealt with.

Apart from this, stay away from overcrowding the pool. You might have a long list of guests that want to invite to the party, but overcrowding the pool will not allow your guests to enjoy the atmosphere. Plan a few games to keep your guests entertained. 

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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