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Don’t Forget To Buy these Smartphone Accessories this Christmas

Buy these Smartphone Accessories this Christmas

With the festive season just around the corner, you must be ready with the list of things you want to buy for your family and friends. But, have you decided what you want on this festive season? Oh great! So you have decided to treat yourself with the smartphone this time. But, have you thought of buying necessary smartphone accessories? Confused!

If you are also one of those who believe Bluetooth headset or mobile cover are the only accessories that you need, then you aren’t aware of the myriad of smartphone accessories that you can actually buy. There are number of cutting-edge smartphone accessories in the market to choose from keeping your taste in mind. Wondering what they are? Here are some of them listed for you:

1. Power Bank: A Smartphone is useless if it is not charged. Therefore, it is a smart idea to carry a Power Bank to charge the phone whenever its battery is drained out. It is suggested to buy the Power bank that can charge two or more devices simultaneously using USB port. Generally, the Power Banks are light and weight and you can carry them anywhere. With the powerbank, you will never be left with a dead phone.

2. Selfie Stick: With everybody going crazy about Selfies, it had to be on the must-have smartphone accessory list. This accessory helps to click a better picture when on the go. It is best to buy expandable monopod that allows the user to mount the smartphone or phablets and raise it to a level that ensures best click. When buying the selfie stick make sure it includes a built-in selfie mirror, carabiner, tripod legs and wrist strap.

3. Selfie remote: For selfie lovers, there is one more accessory, the selfie remote. There is a remote that you can use to take selfies even from a distance. The size of the remote is small enough and user-friendly. You can connect the remote via Bluetooth to your phone and capture all the joys.

4. Screen protector: Undoubtedly, when it comes to ensuring the safety of your phone mobile phone covers do a decent job. But what about the most sensitive part, the screen. Generally, it is the screen that is damaged in case of an accident. To protect your screen, it is suggested to invest in a decent screen protector. This accessory not only protects the display of the phone, but also claims to keep your phone germ free. It is quite easy to apply it around the screen and enjoy its benefits.

5. Magnetic car phone mount: If you are also one of those who rely on your smartphone for navigation, calls, or music, then this accessory is a must-have. Pick the dashboard phone mount with quality rubber gripping to maximize he friction to reduce the slippage, allow smooth interaction and minimize the road vibrations when you gesture or tap on the phone. The quad-centric industrial magnets assure high performance for any smartphone.

Apart from these smartphone accessories you can even check smartphone gaming controllers, additional camera lens and pocket speaker.

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Nick Stevens


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