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Want To Become The Best Dad For Your Kids This Christmas?

Become The Best Dad For Your Kids

With Christmas fast approaching, your kids must be excited. Every night at the dinner table, they might be asking you the same question, ‘What will Santa put underneath the Christmas tree this year?’ And your reply would be, let’s see. And in between, you are trying to figure out what to buy for the kids.

Here is some help to become the best dad for your kids this Christmas:

1. Kidizoom Smart Watch: Everybody is talking about smartwatch these days and kids too want it. So, this Christmas surprise them with the KidiZoom Smart Watch. This child-friendly version of the Smart Watch features a colored touchscreen, camera, video recording, motion sensor and games.

2. LeapFrog Leap TV: For 3-8 years kids nothing is better than LeapFrog Leap TV. This entry level game system is designed to appeal to kids. The user-friendly on-screen interface and hint button helps kids play better. The motion control and camera encourage kids to play just like the Xbox Kinect. Thus, you need not worry about their health and well-being.

3. Car Phone Mount: If your child owns a Smartphone and also drives a car, then there is no gift better than dash grab phone mount. This Smartphone accessory is very important as it mitigates the chances of accidents. Also, your kid will feel happy as they will be able to attend the calls, access music, use the GPS, play movies and also charge on the go. These are available in a range of colors and brands to choose from keeping the kid’s taste in mind.

4. Pebble Smartwatch: For teenagers there is nothing better than Pebble Smartwatch. It is available in a range of colors and works with both Android and iOS smartphones. The watch gives access to the full-fledged app store and let the users stay on top of social networks, email, news, sports and games. Pebble Steel is a stylish Smartwatch with technology and luxury personified.

5. Kindle: If you are one of the lucky parents whose kids love to read, then there is nothing better than Paperwhite Kindle. A back-lit display ensures readability and is easy on your eyes, both under direct sun and dark settings. The Kindle allows you to save over 1,000 books and its battery can last up to one month.

6. Headrest tablet mount: In case you have kids then you can surprise them by installing a headrest tablet mount to grip the tablet on-the-go. The adjustable tablet mount allows you to keep the tablet secured and help the kids watch their favorite movies on long drives. Isn’t it the best way to keep your kids entertained on long drives?

7. iPhone gaming controller: If your kids are gaming freaks then iPhone gaming controller will make for the best gift. You can find the controller with a slot where you can fit the phone. The gaming controller does not harm the phone operations as it retains its functions. Prefer the controllers that even let you listen to music and lock the phones.

You can pick any of these gadgets and surprise your kids this festive season. Make sure you wrap them nicely and carefully place it under the Christmas tree for the kids to discover the joy.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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