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5 unique ways to prevent car accidents

Ways to prevent car accidents

All car accidents are not avoidable, but certainly many can be averted with little care and caution. With the technological advancements there are a number of car accessories and gadgets that help in evading the accidents and enhance the driving experience. The modern car gadgets ensure a safe driving experience that in turn reduces the chances of human error.

The five unique ways to prevent car accidents are:

1. Bluetooth: There are times when you actually need to take a call because you cannot miss out on a contract just because are driving. That being said, don’t ignore the fact that one in four accidents happen because of the use of mobile phones. To avoid distraction when driving it is best to have a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth allows seamless hands free communication with the outside world without compromising on safety. By using Bluetooth you can answer calls and also use voice recognition software to dial out to others. This way you can concentrate on driving and prevent car accidents.

2. Rear Camera or Backup Camera: This just a luxury anymore; soon it will be added to the list of recommended features. This is because approximately 57% of drivers that use a backup camera or rear camera avoided backing over stationary objects placed behind the vehicle. Backup cameras reduce the blind zone by roughly 90% on average, in turn reducing the chances of collisions.

3. Car Mount: A study shows that on an average 400,000 people are injured every year in car accidents because of using cell phones. But with a car mount you can avoid the accidents. The car mount accessories helps the drivers manage communication in a safer way. The driver need not look down on the phone screen or take one hand off the steering wheel to use GPS or answer the calls. Thus, with this device in place drivers can use the phone without having to compromise the safety. This device is surely revolutionary when it comes to preventing car accidents.

4. Lane Departure Warning System: This mechanism is designed to warn the driver if the car begins to move out of the lane, until the indicator is on in the direction of arterial or freeways. This system is effective in minimizing accidents as it addresses the primary causes of collision- drowsiness, distraction and drive error. The system is forward-looking and a vision-based system that runs on algorithms to interpret the video images to estimate the vehicle state and road alignment. Buy the lane departure warning system that automatically applies torque to the steering wheel and steer the vehicle back in the lane boundaries.

5. Ignition Interlock Devices: The breath alcohol ignition interlock or ignition interlock device works like a breathalyzer that is installed on the car’s dashboard. When the driver exhale in the device and the breath-alcohol concentration is found to be higher than the programmed blood alcohol levels, the device stops the engine from getting started. This reduces the chances of drinking and driving and in turn helps in preventing accidents.

With these 5 unique car gadgets the chances of car accidents will be minimized and result in safe and secure driving experience.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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