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Making resolution for the upcoming year?

Making resolution for the upcoming year

New Year is the time to look back at the past and more importantly, forward towards the coming year. It is time to reflect on the changes needed to make for a better life. It is the time to make resolutions to fulfill your goals and dreams. If the past New Year Resolutions like going on a diet, exercising or stopping smoking failed, this should not deter you from making a fresh resolution. It is best to set resolutions that are easy to keep, so that you don’t blame yourself throughout the year for not being able to follow through with them.

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Some of the resolution ideas that you can use for this year are:

1. Spend time with family: Make a resolution to reconnect with family amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This will not only strengthen the family bond, but will also give you mental and emotional strength. Most people believe that spending time with family comes at a price, but in reality you can bond over swimming, cooking, camping, board games or some DIY projects where you need not spend a fortune.

2. Enjoy life: In one’s hectic and stressful everyday life, almost everybody has forgotten to enjoy life. Therefore, it can be one of the resolutions that you can take this year. Pledge to spend healthier and happier lifestyle. You can either join some holistic center to strike a balance between mind, body and soul or try something new. It is a good idea to take up some hobby or try new outdoor games. Or you can take a pick from number of artistic and recreational activities to keep yourself happy.

3. Install right car accessories: There is nothing more important than life. Therefore, this new year take the resolution to install modern car gadgets to ensure safety. Start with installing the car phone mount. If you are one of those who cannot do without the phone in the car, then this is an absolute must. Make sure that the phone is mounted and the voice button is reachable to avoid distraction when driving. Also, this helps drivers use the phone for navigation and music without issues. Other accessories that you can look out for are a night vision camera, rear camera, Bluetooth and lane departure warning system to add to road safety.

4. Get organized: There is not even a single person who doesn’t feel the need to get organized. So, if this is your New Year resolution, it is a great idea. You can begin the journey by listing your three most important tasks and creating a to-do-list for yourself. Also, when organizing things, remember the golden rule-organizing unnecessary things leads to a waste of time and energy. Also, get rid of outdated articles to make space and free up clutter. You’ll be happy you did.

All these New Year resolutions are easy to follow and keep. Also, these have a positive impact on your body, mind and soul which further helps you live a happy lifestyle.

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Nick Stevens


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