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List of 6 innovative Magnetic Gadgets

Innovative Magnetic Gadgets

Who isn’t mesmerized by magnetic gadgets? There might not be any self-proclaimed geek who doesn’t want to flaunt cool magnetic gadgets. If you also want to get on the list, then here are six innovative magnetic gadgets that you can start collecting.

Wondering what they are? Read below to know more about them:

1. FLEXiT Light: It is an ultra-thin and flexible light that can easily be bent, folded and wrapped in any direction. This light features sixteen high-intensity lights with three different brightness settings and strong neodymium magnets to attach it to different metal surfaces. This gadget is best for bike and car repair, camping and workshop trailer. It is quite handy and useful.

2. Magnetic phone mount: This is the most popular magnetic gadget these days because of its usability. Simply use it on the windshield or dashboard to keep your smartphone safe when driving. It gives you the freedom to make a call, text or play music when driving without being distracted as most of the mounts can rotate 360° assuring convenience. This gadget also allows you to use the cell phone as a GPS as the phone is mounted and there is no confusion.

3. Floating Light Globe: This is a real cool magnetic gadget based on electromagnetic power. The electromagnetic field makes the globe float above its energy-efficient base. There is a magnetic field sensor that continuously keeps the globe suspended. Place this on your work desk and in between your tough schedules, watch it levitate and relax yourself.

4. Magnetic bike lights: If you love biking then you must buy magnetic bike lights. These help you ride all year round in all weather conditions without any risk. It is a perfect combination of LEDs and magnets that work well and can easily fit to any bike frame and stay there regardless of the road surface.

5. Magnetic bottle opener: This geek magnetic gadget is truly amazing. Just stick it to the front of the fridge and open the bottles with great ease. It is quite attractive to look as it is fashioned from a shiny stainless steel plate with rubber magnetic backing. With this gadget, you will not have to find the elusive bottle opener. Also, it is quite simple to use and you can open the bottle with just one hand.

6. Magnetic vase: It is a cool and crazy magnetic gadget with a concealed base which makes the magnetic vase appear as it is floating on air. It is a narrow and tall and it seems it is standing up with some magic. But in reality, there is a very thin steel plate that is hidden underneath the tablecloth.

You can even gift these innovative magnetic devices to your family and friends who love magnetic gadgets and Wow them with your choice.

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Nick Stevens


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