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5 Important Automobile Safety Guidelines That Should Be Mandatory

Important Automobile Safety Guidelines

You may be surprised to find out that car accidents are the primary reason of deaths in the United States. Reckless behavior behind the wheel is not the only reason for these accidents; the attitude of the automobile industry has also played a significant role in contributing to this statistic.

Until 1950 people and experts felt that new safety features and guidelines were unnecessary. Each time safety organizations released a report regarding the benefits of car safety features, industry experts would come up with a report that discouraged the use of these features. Still, some automobile safety guidelines came to pass.

With the general views on road safety changing dramatically over the past few years, we need to implement the automobile safety guidelines mentioned below to reduce the number of road accidents that happen due to negligence and distractions:

1. Automobiles must be equipped with rear view cameras: Research shows that over 140,000 backup road accidents happen every year. Drivers unknowingly hurt or kill children or pets when reversing the car because of low visibility. To tackle this situation, authorities must consider mandating rear view cameras. It will help the drivers back up safely, especially SUVs or minivans by ensuring better visibility and control. Wondering how? As soon as the driver puts the car in reverse, a display on the dashboard show the images from the camera mounted at the rear of the car. While some cameras offer video feed others offer trajectory lines and overlay distance. Also, it indicates the path of the car as per the position of the wheels. This safety guideline will surely help in lowering the number of backup accidents.

2. Installation of Cell Phone Mounts in cars: Studies show that about 1.3million accidents are blamed on drivers using cell phones, which indicates that one in four accidents is caused by the use of cell phones while driving. Therefore, automobile safety guidelines must ensure the use of cell phone mounts in cars. The phone mount doesn’t only secure the cell phone but also prevents distractions on the road while driving. The phone mount helps in avoiding fumbling inside one’s pocket or purse when the phone rings, thus ensuring that your concentration is not affected.

3. Using pre-crash collision system: Authorities must make sure that a pre-collision system is installed in all the automobiles. This will reduce the number of car accidents considerably. The pre-cash system makes use of modern radar technology to know the proximity of your car to the other car keeping speed in consideration. When the system senses that your car is close to another automobile, it sounds an alarm or applies the brakes to slow down or stop the car.

4. Enabling blind spot detection in automobiles: There are times when the driver is unable to make out whether there is a car next to them or not, when changing lanes. The camera and radar technology sends out both audible and visual warning signals when it senses a car in the next lane. This automobile safety guideline will help in reducing the road accidents and improve the driving experience.

5. Adopting Active Cruise Control Technology: Last but not least, the installation of the active cruise control in cars should be made compulsory. This device makes use of radar to keep your vehicle at a safe distance from the car ahead of yours. In case of emergency, this device will make the car stop in case the driver in front of you slams on the brakes.

If these five automobile safety guidelines are made mandatory, the accident figures will go down considerably, ensuring safety of all on roads.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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March 10, 2015

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