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5 Critical Points To Note Before Changing Phone Carriers

Changing Phone Carriers?

Are you unhappy with the services or plan of your existing phone provider? Do you want to end the phone contract, but are confused? You are not alone. To many, the task of changing the cell phone carriers seems to be a daunting, especially since you need to deal with contracts and also make sure that you keep your old number.

The truth is that the process is not as cumbersome, as it might appear on the face of it. One golden rule to remember before changing the phone carrier is to weigh the pros and cons of sticking with your current provider over changing it. If you have made up your mind to change the phone carrier, read below to know the critical points to note before changing the phone carriers:


1. Shop around: Phone carriers are constantly changing the rate and plans and run various promotional offers. Thus, it is best to spend some time looking for an offer that includes a mobile phone handset of your choice either at discounted rates or for free. Don’t ignore the fine prints so that you know everything about the fees and possible rate hikes.

Plan Details

2. Plan details: It is of great importance to pay close attention to the plan details. If you don’t use text messages, then a plan that includes unlimited messages is a waste for you. Ensure that the chosen plan is best for you and will not affect your phone budget.


3. Documents: When you visit the new phone carrier company with the request to take their services, don’t forget to carry the copies of the last bill paid, your address proof and photo identity proof. Also, carry the contract papers of the past service provider as a proof and also a negotiation tool. 

coverage area

4. Coverage area: Each phone carrier has a different coverage area, so before you choose a particular carrier, inquire about the coverage in your area by asking your friends and neighbors. It is important because most companies will claim to cover your city and area, but still their service will be spotty. Most phone carriers offer a trial period of one to two weeks within which you can cancel the contract without any penalty. It is best to make the most of the trial period to ensure that there is adequate network. Also, put the phone on the Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount and go for a ride, to check for the signal strength in and around your area.


5. Cost: In all probability, there will be surrender charges or early termination fees to cancel your current contract. There is a huge possibility that you agreed to these terms at the time of signing the contract, but don’t remember them now. It would be really helpful for you to know that the cancellation fees get reduced with time.

Tip: In case you are cancelling the contract because of the connectivity or service issues, argue against paying the termination fee.

Before you deactivate your existing phone carrier, make sure that your new service is activated. Generally, you will be able to use the phone within a few hours. If you have transferred the number from the old carrier, the old account is closed when the port completes. It is essential to use a bit of caution if you want to enjoy a hassle free change of phone provider.

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