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6 Reasons You Still Need A Smartphone

Why You Still Need A Smartphone?

There are no qualms about saying that today’s age belongs to ‘Smartphones’. Everybody, right from a school aged kid to a college student or from a homemaker to a businessman has a smartphone. In fact, even the stats say the same thing; Out of the total population of 7.325 billion (2015), 5 billion are mobile phone users and from these 5 billion, 1.08 billion use a smartphone. And with the advancement and growth in technology, one cannot think of a smart future without a smartphone.

If you are still caught in the dilemma whether to buy a smartphone or not, here are 6 reasons why you still need a smartphone:

1. Keeps you organized: It helps in personalizing the data according to your priorities. By keeping a pace with everyday tasks, it helps in maintaining a daily schedule and appointments. You can set up the reminders for the day to day priotities or make memos for preserving the data.

2. Keeps you updated: You can surf the web for help anywhere, anytime whenever you are in doubt or need some relevant information. The remarkable things that it offers are the web apps like weight loss and fitness apps, wellness apps or GPS trackers for patient monitoring. You also get access to the latest news and business updates, do online shopping, read online books and encyclopedias, manage your bank accounts right from the comfort of your home. You can have information about what is happening on the opposite side of the world just at the click of a button. To make most of these features when you are driving the car, it is best to have a magnetic phone mount. It not only keeps the phone in place but also let you use the phone safely.

3. Helps in making better choices: A smartphone undoubtedly helps you make better and informed choices in every small or big decisions of your life. So whether you want to go for a movie or to a restaurant, you can check its review online or in case you are shopping at a store, you can instantly check the offer on the same product at an online store and help yourself to get a better deal.

4. Greater functionality: A Smartphone has numerous additional functions including a camera, global positioning system (GPS), WI-Fi capabilities, inbuilt music player and sound system, inbuilt memory plus provision for a memory card, Bluetooth for sharing and connectivity, QWERTY keyboard and HD displays. All these features make smartphones better than other conventional phones and add to their user-friendliness.

5. Faster communication: With the advancement in technology and better prospects, the ways of communication have also been diversified. There are many social networking sites these days likes WhatsApp, Face-time, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, etc. that keep you connected with near and dear ones elimination the restrictions of being miles apart.

6. Replace a laptop: A Smartphone is very handy and can be carried anywhere with least discomfort rather than carrying heavy laptops. The prime advantage is that it is able to produce, edit, receive and transfer data just like a laptop and comes in a variety of colors and flashy designs. So, you can pick your favorite and flaunt it.

Thus a smartphone exemplifies one of the greatest discoveries ever made. It has become the bread and butter of this century and is almost as important as is food, clothing and shelter to mankind. It is a source of entertainment, communication and education and a simplified version or package that brings effectiveness, quality and speed with an ease to fit right into the palm of one’s hand.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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