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Thinking Of Gifting A Smartphone –Make Better Choices

Gifting A Smartphone

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value. And what can be more appropriate than gifting a smartphone to your loved ones? It makes a perfect gift for a Birthday, a holiday, a graduation to a retirement and signifies your urge to stay connected with your loved ones, keep them informed, organized and entertained.

But the task of picking the best smartphone is quite challenging and navigating through jargon like GHz, dual and quad core, megapixels and mAh makes the process of selecting the smartphone darn confusing. Use these tips to make better choices when it comes to buying a smartphone:

1. Operating system: This is what classifies your phone in the category of the ‘Smartphone’. So, before buying, it is best to know about different types of operating system to choose from:

  • Android: It is one of the most popular smartphone platforms in comparison to iOS and Windows Phone, because of the wide array of hardware options from several manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, etc. Android is also quite customizable and flexible, which makes it a preferred platform. This is not all, there are over 1 million apps on Google Play store and it has everything you need.
  • iOS: It is the most intuitive smartphone platform and assures smooth operations. The clean menu style and hassle free interactivity also adds to its popularity. Undoubtedly, iOS is a secured operating system as it is inspected manually by the Apple employees and it prevents apps from accessing the operating system. As a result, malware and viruses don’t infect your phone.

2. Processor: The brain of the smartphone is its processor and the faster the processor, the better it is. This is because it enables you to open the apps quickly. When shopping for a smartphone you will hear about quad-core, dual-core or octacore processors. The performance of the processor also depends on the ability of the operating system. Some of the common names that you can expect to hear when shopping for the smartphone are Samsung's octacore Exynos, Apple's dual-core A7 and Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon 600 and 800 chips.

3. Display: To judge the quality of a smartphone, it is best to look at it from various angles for the change in color in varying lighting conditions. It is best to buy a smartphone in Full HD (1080p display if the screen size is bigger than 5 inches and HD 720p screens will work for phones up to five inches.

4. Storage: We all love to carry our world- emails, music, videos, pictures and social networks with us. When buying the smartphone, prefer buying the phone with ample storage space. Remember, the phone with 8GB memory offers only about 6.5GB for actual use. So, if you want to enjoy movies, prefer the phone with a 32GB storage space.

5. Size: A screen size of four to five inches is ideally good as it is convenient to handle. The phones with bigger screen sizes are a little uncomfortable to use and are also heavy. But on the other hand, phones with bigger screen sizes are ideal for playing games, watching movies and web browsing.

The other things that you must keep in mind are camera clarity, RAM and battery life. If possible, add a magnetic phone mount with the smartphone as a gift. It will ensure safe and hassle free use of phone when driving and assures great utility and ease. Not only that, it will allow you to use the phone at home and at the office as well without always having to hold it, making it a lot more convenient for getting the best out of your smartphone.

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Nick Stevens


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