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Top 6 Apps For Car Gadget Lovers

Apps For Car Gadget Lovers

The smartphone has transformed our lives greatly and made things easier and fun. If you are fond of travelling and want to resist the temptation of using the phone while driving, the smartphone can surely help you. There are many mobile applications that can help you make the most out of travelling in the car. Right from avoiding phone calls and text messages to finding a parking place or the nearest gas station, mobile apps can do it all for you.

Here are the top 6 apps for car gadget lovers that they will totally love:

1. DriveOFF: This Android App detects when the driver is travelling at 10mph and shuts down other apps that are distracting and also blocks incoming text messages and calls. The app displays a static screensaver, instead of the distracting phone screen. However, you have the choice to select the static screensaver of your choice.

2. My Max Speed 2.0: Do you get restless whenever your kids take your car for a ride? You would surely love this app as it can help you to track the kids’ location and driving speed. This app uses the internal accelerometer to log the location and speed every five minutes. This data will help you monitor the driving habits of your teens. It also provides location history and a notification via message when the phone goes outside the location perimeter.

3. Do you wish that when you are driving, the phone reads your text messages for you? With app, you can hear the incoming text messages, Facebook messages, Twitter updates, Google text messages and emails while driving. Simply keep the phone in the phone mount and enjoy greater convenience and ease as this app eliminates the urge to grab the phone or press the button to read incoming messages. Since the app does all these things for you, driver’s eyes and hands are free for driving.

4. Find My Car: It is very frustrating when you forget the location of the car in the parking lots or on some street. This app can help you find the car by using the Internet and GPS location services. This app saves your parking location automatically and guides you to the car. The newer version of the application features an augmented reality technology.

5. iOnRoad: This is truly a must-have app as it promotes safe driving. This augmented reality application uses your phone camera to monitor the position of the vehicle constantly on the road. The mobile application keeps a track of the surrounding vehicles and alerts the driver of possible dangers and lane departures. The useful features of this amazing app are speed limit, collision warning and driving analytics, which are supported by visual and audio cues.

6. Anti-Sleep Pilot: This mobile application helps you keep alert when you are behind the wheel. The app calculates the fatigue level by using the reaction time from a series of basic tests that help you maintain the alertness. It includes pressing a big circular button as quickly as possible. It requires building a driver’s profile to indicate the current fatigue level before you set-off to enable the app to suggest when you need a break. Mount the phone near your eye sight level within your easy reach. It is perfect for long hauls, driving alone late at night or for night-shift workers.

These 6 mobile applications are loved and appreciated by car enthusiasts as they promote safe and secure driving and an enhanced driving experience.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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