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10 Most Viral Gadgets of 2014

Most Viral Gadgets of 2014

Numerous gadgets have made their way into the market in 2014. Reputed companies, such as Apple and Jawbone have, once again, proved their innovative skills with high quality new products, while new companies have tested the waters with original and extremely interesting gadgets. We have selected 10 of the most appreciated and commented products of the year and grouped them in the comprehensive list of 10 Most Viral Gadgets of 2014:

Whistle Activity Monitor

10. Whistle Activity Monitor– If your hyperactive dog gets the best of you or the house is a total mess each time you get home, try the Whistle Activity Monitor for your animal. The device connects to the smartphone via an app and gives you information on the current location of your pet. The battery is said to last for 10 days and the device is waterproof. Get it for $99 and you can also track your pet in case it gets lost or stolen. Great for your peace of mind!

9. General Electric Lighting Bulbs– Control the light in your house with a simple touch on your smartphone. The GE lighting bulbs add to the extra comfort to your house and help you save money on your utility bills. The bulbs cost you around $14.97, and come with a 22 year guarantee. This is a great step towards transforming your house into an interactive playground.

8. SmartThings Smart Home starter kit– An invisible helping hand that will brew your coffee in the morning, ensure safety of kids at home and find your keys in a matter of seconds, the SmartThings’s starter kit turns any house into an interactive home. The kit is available at $199 and according to producers, it will be ready to use in less than 15 minutes.

7. Bitdefender BOX– When connecting the front door, garage door, surveillance cams and other home appliances to the internet, the risk of getting hacked increases considerably. Bitdefender BOX is the first gadget on the market designed to protect your house against hackers. The initial cost of the device network protector is $199 and includes a one year subscription for unlimited devices. Starting with the second year, the subscription is $99 per year, a great deal if you come to think it acts as a guard for your internal network.

6. Jawbone UP3– With enhanced features and a sleek appearance, the Jawbone UP3 is the latest craze among athletes and sports aficionados. The gadget can tell you precisely how many calories you burnt on your last run/exercise, how much REM sleep you got last night or how hydrated you are. It can even compare your heart rate at peace with the heart rate when exercising. It is available in black and silver and can be purchased for $179.

5. iPad Air 2– Powerful tools are available in small sizes. This is also the case with the new iPad Air 2, which boosts an A8X chip in a 6.1mm-thin frame. It also has a 8-megapixels camera for high quality photos and at least 16 GB of storage space to keep your precious moments or your daily work. And since is 40% faster than its predecessors, we can safely say that you can put it to any type of digital work! The starting point for the device is $499, but it is worth every penny.

4. Dash Grab Phone mount– Perfect for any type of smartphone, the Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount Holder is a perfect option. It enables you to access your mobile phone while driving. Generally, the mount is sturdy and because it fits most smartphone sizes, you can use it for a long period of time. Its snap back technology let the users mount the phone even using one hand. The surface is suitable for car, desk, kitchen countertop thus making it a high utility product.

3. The Ring Video Doorbell– Place it at the entry door and take a sneak peek at your guests before they ring the bell. The gadget communicates with your smartphone and shows you who is at your door. It gives you time to make up an excuse if you do not want to see them. You can also hurry up at the door to open it up when your partner is back from shopping with their hands full. Buy it for $200 and avoid unpleasant guests.


2. SnapJet– Nostalgic people can now have their paperback photos in a matter of minutes, anywhere, anytime with SnapJet. The portable printer connects to the smartphone and prints the photos from the phone’s screen. No cords, no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth or other connecting means. Simple and effective! The mini-photos are guaranteed to be high quality, so that your memories are safe and easy to share with others. The SnapJet is still under development, but for a donation of $149, clients will get such a device by the end of 2015.

1. Apple Watch– probably the most anticipated product of the year, the Apple Watch didn’t let fans down. Priced at $349, the watch enables easy access to all types of apps, photos, texts, email, payments and weather forecast. Paired with Apple’s HomeKit software, the Apple Watch helps you control the temperature in the house, lock the door, shut down the TV and switch the lights. It comes with fully customizable strap to match the wearer’s personality and preferences. Nothing can beat this little fellow, so prepare to be totally hooked by it.

As a bonus, we should also remember Nixie, the wearable camera, which even though has not yet been launched, created quite a buzz in the online environment in 2014. The product transforms from a smartwatch into a drone and it is capable of making high quality selfies ready to be uploaded on social networks.

These 10 most viral gadgets of 2014 continue to enjoy their share of glory in 2015 too, so you can still purchase them for personal or professional use. Also 2015 promises equally interesting devices that will make our life easier and more fun, so keep your eyes and wallets open, because there is no stopping the technological craze.

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