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6 Cool Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

6 Cool Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Whether you are a professional or an amateur home chef, cooking a three course meal entails a lot of effort. From the planning to prepping, cooking requires a lot of patience and skill which you may not have at the end of a hard day at work! While most of us can manage a simple meal using a knife, frying pan and stirring spoon, sometimes a little extra assistance is still required. When you cannot count on your spouse, roommate or best friend to help, then you can count on some cool, must have gadgets, to cut down prep time and make cooking fun!

Kitchen safe with a timer

A kitchen accessory such as a safe with a timer is designed to regulate excess behaviors. If you are trying to keep your spouse or children away from eating too many chocolates, or if you are trying to lose weight, then the Kitchen Safe with timer is designed just for you! Simply set the timer to the time you wish. You, nor anyone else will not be allowed to open the Kitchen Safe until the set time has elapsed.

Ice Cream Slider Makers

At $5 per set, Ice Cream Slider Makers are a worthy kitchen gadget to have around. It is ideal for making ice cream sandwiches. Imagine the fillings you can create! Place your cookie on the bottom and then add a scoop of your favorite ice cream. Then top it off with another cookie. This tool creates the perfect ice cream sandwiches without the mess.

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

How many of you have cut your fingers while trying to slice up an avocado? This unique tool is fitted with a plastic blade that is capable of slicing through the tough avocado skin. Its three-pronged center enables you to pull the pit out with a simple twist. The fan blade is great for slicing and scooping.

Carrot Peeler and Sharpener

This fun gadget is a built-in peeler and carrot sharpener. This cool gadget creates perfectly cut carrots which can be used in smoothies, stir fries and bakes. You can “sharpen” your carrots creatively and post pics of them on your social networking page.

Devil Oven Pull

Baking is great, but pulling out the tray with a bulky oven mitt is annoying. You always end up burning the mitt or dipping it in the food. Unfortunately, it’s too hot to directly handle the plate. This is where the Devil Oven Pull comes in. It has a heat-resistant mouth that hooks up to the rack while your hands remain safe and nice on the handle.

Phone mount

You must be wondering why a phone mount? Imagine talking to your bestie while you are cooking in the kitchen or reading a recipe on your phone or listening to your favorite numbers? Isn’t it a very convenient thought? By simply placing the phone mount in the kitchen will make your life very easy and sorted.

Use any of these above mentioned kitchen tools to add a little pizzazz in your kitchen prep!

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Nick Stevens


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