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The Apple Watch: Success or a Flop

The Apple Watch: Success or a Flop

Apple has wowed the general population with its previous babies- the iPhone and the iPad and people have supported them ever since. However, with the Apple Watch, which most people call the iWatch, views and opinions on whether it’s a success or a dud are almost equally divided. What exactly is the deal with the Apple Watch? Was it a flop or not?


First of all, the Apple iWatch, as stated, is a small smart device wearable on your wrist that is symbiotic with your iPhone. It is the first ground-up device from Apple since Tim Cook became the new CEO. Let’s discuss some of the aspects that may have affected how people receive this new addition to the Apple product line.

Design and Style

Apple is known for its sleek design aesthetics. There may not be much to choose from when it comes to color and style; you cannot put down how simple yet elegant their devices look. As for the Apple Watch, which is a rather more personal piece since its wearable, they’ve made the choices a lot broader and more diverse. It comes in three different models, two different sizes and six different finishes apart from a large variety of swappable bands. This opens up the gates to fashionistas who don’t like being limited to standard designs. They can swap out bands and mix and match their watch with their clothes or other accessories. However, most women customers are not very happy with the gadget like look. So, there is a scope of improvement of design front too.


As with other smart watches, the Apple Watch is not a stand alone device. It is an accessory. This means that to be able to use all its features, you also need an iPhone. This eliminates the aficionados who are interested in buying a wearable extension to their smart phones, but not interested in buying a new one. In terms of functionality, of course, there’s communication. You’ll be able to receive calls, texts and emails. You can even ping people and send love taps. For entertainment, you can listen to music via Bluetooth headphones. You can receive notifications and pay for stuff like you would with an iPhone as well. However, as stated, it is an accessory. The watch needs your iPhone to be in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range to be able to perform a lot of its functions. The apps on the Apple watch are a smaller or Lite version of the apps and thus caused disappointment to iPad and iPhone lovers.

Marketing and Publicity

Apple follows a similar marketing and publicity pattern for all its launches. Apple watch also found the same initial hype and excitement among customers. The hype faded soon as the customers are not very happy with the way the watches are being sold. Since the Apple watch comes in almost 24 models and numerous wrist loops, it is physically not possible for all Apple stores to hold such a big inventory. This means the only way to get an Apple watch is to get it online, but you can’t do it without having a fitting. Nobody likes to take an appointment just to try a fitting and then end up ordering online.

Possibilities and Innovation

What is the next for the Apple Watch? What can the Apple fans and non-Apple fans alike expect in the future? Certainly, there is still a long way before Apple can repeat the success of iPhones and iPads and make iWatch irresistible for the masses.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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