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11 Future Technologies That Will Change The Way We Live

Future Technologies That Will Change The Way We Live

‘Technology rules the world,’ true statement. Don’t believe this? Name one area of life that is unconnected to technology; you’ll see how wrong you are. Every facet of life and human endeavors relies on one form of technology or another. Every day, technology is changing our world and consequently changing the way we live. From breakthroughs in medicine to transportation, the world as we know it is constantly evolving due to modern technology.

While there are fears that some of these advances in technology could be detrimental, the benefits seem to outweigh those fears. Like the saying goes, “change is the only constant thing.” More and more people are beginning to embrace these changes. It has been predicted that in the year 2036, computers will begin to do the work of humans. This may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but that’s what the experts say.

The cell phone, for instance, seemed like a far-fetched idea in the olden days. But even in a time when this vision seemed bleak some people believed it was possible. Today, cell phones are everything visionaries like Nikola Tesla said they would be and more. Daily, new technological inventions springs up from Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the world with the aim of solving human problems.

Below are 11 of such tech breakthrough inventions and here is how and why these technological inventions are among scores of others that will change our lives in the not-so-distant future.

1. Drones

This futuristic technology otherwise called an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System, functions in various ways. Recently, NASA landed a drone in space that has been transmitting useful information in the investigation of other life forms. The U.S military also uses drones for air strikes. In this sense, drones can function as weapons of defense and assault for the armed forces. Even social media giant like Facebook have launched its own drone named Aquila to provide remote areas with internet access. In future, drones will be used to achieve more development, not just in transportation or warfare. Imagine the world where drones deliver health care facilities to remote locations. There is so much good that can be done with a drone.

2. Google driverless car

In 2009, Google launched its self-driving car project utilizing, developing technology for autonomous cars. The cars are powered by software called Google Chauffeur. A laser range finding which is attached to the roof of the car generates 3D maps of surrounding areas. When all these maps are combined with maps from around the world, it will enable the car to drive itself to any destination wherever it’s located in the world.

Since the launch, the company has equipped various brands of cars with the self-driving software. Although the cars are still in the testing phase, they will certainly bring a change in the transportation. Already Washington, DC and four U.S states have passed laws permitting the test driving of these cars. Texas has also established criteria for testing these autonomous cars.

The Google self-drive cars will be made available for the general public in 2020. Once this technology becomes commercialized, it has the potential to solve a lot of transportation-related problems. This technology could fix the problem of drunk driving and reduce accident rates on our roads. What’s more? It runs faster than conventional cars. Just imagine, driving long distances without stressing on the wheels. Drivers will be able to conserve their energy.

3. Google glass

Now, you never have to miss calls, notifications or email messages, because, the device keeps you constantly plugged in with the prism-like screen fixed at the top corner. Google glass has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. What this means is that people do not need to constantly bend over cell phones, tabs or laptops, neither do they need to peruse through dozens of messages. Rather, as the notifications arrive, users can make the decision whether or not to read them.

The part that goes over your ear serves as the control panel where you can swipe or tap to navigate. It also has voice command. You can make calls, record voice or videos and take pictures with it. Oh, changes these eyeglasses will bring in future! Imagine that in the future, these glasses can be used to treat complex eye problems. It could be used to fight the fire, assist people with disabilities or even used for investigations.

4. Private spaceflights

Space flights involve a journey beyond the supposed edge of space. Simply put, spaceflights are commercialized transportation to space. It’s a kind of space tourism for space tourists. Since the advent of space technology during the space age, entrepreneurs and private organizations have sought ways of breaking the monopoly of national governments by building competing space systems.

In 2012, the first private company started transporting cargos to the International Space Station (ISS). With encouragement from the U.S government, private companies such as SpaceX will soon start offering space transportation services for both cargo and crew. Starting 2017, capsules can start conveying passengers to the ISS.

5. Cloud technology

This technology is fast changing the whole computing process. Cloud technology and storage is the latest technology that allows multiple connection access to organized computing resources that are universally shared. Services on the cloud are provided over the internet to users.

Too much of a tech talk, right? Well, it’s as simple as you having an email that stores your information (files, data, you name it) on an external server that hosts you and you access it through the internet. Cloud technology connects all the computers on a particular network. Therefore, your computer doesn’t have to bear the burden of running applications as the connection of computers on the cloud network does it instead.

6. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is the use of a computer to create a simulated 3-D world. This is a futuristic technological device that creates life-sized three-dimensional images from the user’s point of view. The experience it offers a user is mainly in the mind of the user. It puts your mind in a virtual reality.

To stay in one spot and be transported to places, landscapes, utopia is thrilling. Imagine a visit to the museum and seeing everything on exhibition from the comfort of your home. Now, there are virtual reality films showing in theaters that give you the feeling of being physically present in each scene of the movie.

7. 3D printing

3D printing, otherwise known as additive manufacturing is an evolution technology that creates concrete 3D objects from a digital file (without molds). The virtual design (a kind of blueprint) of the object is made with a 3D modelling program on a Computer Aided Design (CAD). With a 3D scanner, a digital copy of the object is made in 3D. It will bring a breakthrough in architecture, healthcare, automotive industry, aviation, archaeology, forensic pathology (badly damaged evidence can be reconstructed) to mention a few.

8. Hypersonic trains

This could well be the definition of transportation made faster. It is going to be super fast unlike the kinds currently in existence. This can be our ground ‘aeroplane’. Already, NASA is experimenting with hypersonic flights but these trains will sure redefine speed and change the way we view transportation aboard trains.

9. Flying cars

Without a doubt, these will greatly impact the transportation industry. This seems like something you only see in Sci-Fi movies and animations like ‘The Jetsons’ or ‘Meet the Robinsons’. Sitting in traffic when you are already late for an appointment is a bummer. Don’t you just wish you can do like James Bond and press a button that instantly makes your care air bound? Goodbye traffic jams! Sure, we have airplanes that reduce the time of arrival at destinations but this is different. Finally, you will have your own personal aircraft, you need not depend on the roads. Plus, you can park your flying cars in our garage. It’s fiction becoming reality. I don’t know about you, but I won’t mind this becoming a reality.

10. Robots with artificial intelligence

Although the subject of whether a robot can be intelligent is a controversial one in robotics. Robotic experts have been trying for some decades to create robots with artificial intelligence. Various robots have been built by robotics scientists. There is no denying the endless possibilities, of how better our lives will be in a future where robots can diagnose and treat critical ailments, rescue people from buildings on fire, the list is endless. Emotions are vital to the decision making process. But first there has to be a comprehensive understanding of what natural intelligence embodies. If emotions can be simulated into the artificial intelligence of robots it will be a huge step towards building robots with artificial intelligence.

11. Cicret bracelet

Whoa! These are mind blowing and they are happening now. The sheer beauty of these bracelets and their functionality is amazing. This product is one of the most promising in recent time. The cool looking, smart wearable helps you interact with apps on your devices through the aid of a pico projector and sensors. The projector displays the interface on your arm/skin and the proximity sensor detects and relays every information or command to your bracelet.

The future is bright with the presence of this ground breaking invention. The possibilities are limitless. It is compatible with all skin types, plus it works great in broad daylight.

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