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Best Android Fitness Wearable Products in the Market 2015

Want to get in shape and lose that unattractive belly? Want to improve your running distance? Android fitness apps can help you with your fitness goals. There is a whole of  Android fitness products in the market today from health monitors to Smartwatches, to activity trackers and even pedometers. These nifty devices are emerging on the horizon of wearable technology that will change how we as humans communicate and exercise.

Android Fitness Wear Products vary in size, quality, features, and price. You need to do some research and testing before investing in one.

The following are some of the best Android fitness wear products in the market 2015:

Pebble Time Steel


This watch is made from a solid, all-steel body construction with an extended battery life boosted that will last for more than a week. It is resistant to water for up to 30 meters. It’s design is quite simple, but you cannot make phone calls, but it is a durable watch that’s always on display. Costing around $250, it’s a decent fitness tracking watch.

Jawbone Up2


The Jawbone Up2 has an automatic sleep tracking and simple activity tracking facility on a fashionable yet slim design. The band has an excellent battery life and is wearable in the shower. The mobile app provides smart coaching and is easily paired with several third party apps. The Jawbone Up2 does not check heart rate or fitness progress and the sleep tracker is capable of overestimating. The device cannot be worn while swimming. Nevertheless, at $99, the new Jawbone Up2 is a handy everyday fitness band.

Garmin Forerunner 225


The Garmin Forerunner 225 is a runner’s aid. It tracks both all-day activities and heart-rate. It has an always-on display. Heart rate is monitored via the wrist, and it also tracks, calories, steps and provides GPS for tracking runs. The bad news is that there is no automatic syncing, and the heart rate tracking is only limited to workouts. However, the device is water resistant and can be worn in the pool and shower. If you’re willing to pay $300 for tracking all-day activities and heart rate, then this device is for you.

Pebble Time

Pebble Time

Pebble Time features many key improvements, including with color screen as compared to previous watches of the same brand. The watch features an always-on reflecting color display, water-resistance in swimming or showers, battery life that lasts for more than three days, free apps and lots of storage space. The drawback of Pebble Time is that the lack of a touchscreen put limits on app interactivity, and the display makes it difficult to read in dim lighting. Some of its fitness apps aren’t as refined as on other premium smartwatches. The cost varies from $165 to $200 which is decent for people who want to invest in a smartwatch.

Fitbit Charge HR


The Fitbit Charge HR includes a continuous heart-rate monitoring to all the other features that are presently in its former version Fitbit Charge. Even though resting heart rate is fairly accurate, active exercise causes it to drop in accuracy. The device is neither swim or shower friendly, and the OLED display shuts off within a few seconds. If you’re looking for accurate heart rate tracking on a solid fitness band and don’t mind paying the $150, then the Fitbit Charge HR is the fitness device for you.

Misfit Flash

It is an easy-to-use, versatile and extremely affordable fitness tracker that can be worn during swimming or other sporting activities. Made out of plastic, the Misfit Flash does not scratch easily, but it does not come out of its wristband housing either. It is a waterproof device that can last for up to 6 months on just one battery. It comes equipped with one clip-on accessory and a wristband. Some of its drawbacks include lack of a heart-rate monitor, LED readout does not display step count, and the plastic design doesn’t very good. However, the Misfit Flash is extremely affordable for a fitness tracker and can be worn while swimming, costing between $20 to $150.

LG Urbane

It is one of the best-looking Android Wear smartwatches on the market. It includes Wi-Fi to phone connectivity. Costing around $273 to $350, the LG Urbane is designed in a classic and crisp finish with a fully round OLED display. It is the latest in Android fitness wear technology also to offer WiFi connectivity. It also has a decent battery life. The Urbane is similar to the G Watch R, however, it is made of Chrome. It’s perhaps the best-launched version in Android Wear technology. One of the first devices to allow features like Wi-Fi and the ability to draw emoji's to family and friends. LG’s Urbane raises the bar against Google’s Smartwatches, but it is significantly more expensive.


LG’s Urbane is perhaps the best Android fitness wear product in the market in 2015. On the surface, it appeared like a fancy watch with its round analog watch face and stitched leather wrist strap. The coolest part is that it looks very normal. The Urbane’s proportions are close to perfect. It’s fully-round, 1.3 inches OLED display, with more bezel and chassis. The display is bright, big and fantastic-looking. It has a high-resolution display that appears pixelated. The Urbane is a few grams heavier than G Watch R; the actual difference is in its compact design with the added advantage of Wi-Fi. Its circular screen is a bit inset, protecting the screen from accidental scratches. The stainless steel body may be too big for delicate wrists, but you will feel this watch. The Urbane is available in silver or gold colored designs with fancy stitched leather straps. The straps are sturdy and well made, built for durability.

It was by no means an exhaustive list of the best Android fitness wear products on the market 2015, but they do grab consumers’ attention.

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