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Golf Swing Right Now

Golf Swing right Now

I recently began using the Swing Right Now golf aid as a tool to improve my swing mechanics.

The first thing that I noticed was the quality construction of the product; the hand grip is made from a rubberized material that is easy to hold and doesn't slip. The shaft is made of a flexible rubber and the weighted end of the tool is made of a high-quality stainless steel piece that is designed to help you feel what the whipping feeling of swinging a golf club properly should be.  This is achieved when one correctly engages the hips in the swing.  You actually feel the club head getting heavier right after the metal part reaches the bottom of the swing.
Golf Swing right now

At first the tool feels very different than an actual club as the shaft moves because it's made of rubber but you quickly see that this enables the metal end to accelerate through the swing.  This mimics the feeling of the club head right after the club reaches the middle of the swing at the bottom of the arc of the swing.  It makes you feel like you are swinging through and throwing a bucket of water over your shoulder when you are completing the golf swing which is great because we sometimes have a tendency to use too much arms in the swing and now enough body motion.

Overall by using the Golf Swing Right Now tool before a round of golf, it actually reminds me of the correct feeling associated with the proper motion of a good golf swing. It's great for players of all levels as it help get the golfer in the right frame of mind before addressing the ball.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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