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Best Gift Ideas For An Adventurous Life Partner

Love is a wonderful feeling, especially when it makes you celebrate life every day. And, what can be a bigger and better celebration than being with someone who is not only loving and caring but also has an insatiable craving for adventure! Being with such people makes life lot more fun and thrilling but at the same time when it comes to surprising them or trying to express our love through gestures, choosing gifts can be a bit tricky and often confusing. After all, we all want to see that twinkle in the eyes of our loved ones when they slowly unwrap the gift that has been sealed and packed with love and emotions that spell a promise of togetherness.

To save you some of the trouble, find a list of unique and intriguing gift ideas below for your high-on-life partner:

•  Emergency Trekking Toolkit – There is rarely an adventurer who hasn’t dreamt or planned to trek up the snow-capped mountain peaks of the Himalayas or navigate through the Blue John Canyon, Utah (barring being trapped in it for 127 hours). Weeks and months of planning are put into perfecting a packing list of everything that you need and must have when you venture into the unknown. An emergency trekking toolkit is something that your partner is bound to require before taking any such trip. Most of these kits come with a powerful flashlight to be used in the dark and a variety of handy tools such as can/bottle openers, a knife, scissors, screwdrivers, folding carabineer, and LED flashers. These tools aren’t only useful during the trip but also at home.

• Hiking backpack or rucksack – If you and your partner are the types that can put Bonnie and Clyde to shame with their travelling adventures across the globe, it is imperative that you spend most (or all) of your time living out of a backpack. If this is true, then your partner will appreciate a nice-looking and sturdy backpack. If you two travel together, you already have an idea of how much luggage s/he carries. Even if you don’t, you can still guess depending upon the amount of time your partner spends on travelling. On an average, for a short-term traveller, a 40-litre backpack is enough, while, for a long-term nomadic partner, you may want to opt for a 60-70 litre backpack. Don’t forget to check for the extras such as an attached rain cover or an extendable pocket, or some secret pouches to keep your valuables safe. If you want to go a step forward, you can also combine the backpack with a sleeping bag, and give the bundle as a gift.

• Phone Mount Holders – Every thrill-seeking couple has at least once thought of getting a campervan, modifying it to suit their needs, pack all their essentials, and head out on the open road on an everlasting journey. But, in all honesty, not everybody can do so. However, it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to take road trips every once in a while, and they can be quite fun and adventurous too. The Dash Grab Universal Phone Mount Holder is one of the best smartphone car mounts. The holder works for most kinds of smartphones such as iPhone 6/5s/5c/4s, Samsung S5/S4/S3, HTC One, Nexus 5, Sony Xperia, Moto X, Nokia Lumia.

• Underwater Camera – An underwater camera is one of the best presents you can give to your partner. We all know that there is a totally different world down there, which, not all of us get to explore, let alone capture. Your partner can not only capture images but also shoot videos of his/her amazing adventures under the sea. If you two are planning a trip together which includes scuba diving and other water activities like this, it would be a great idea to shoot your time under the water with this wonderful gadget.

• Wireless portable speaker – Music is an inseparable part of our lives. There is music in everything and for every occasion. So why not add a bit of a style to your partner’s music experience! Gift him/her with a cool and funky wireless portable speaker so they can listen to their favourite tracks anywhere and anytime. It is also very useful for outdoor adventurers who probably sent most of their travel days in the wilderness amidst nature and in secluded locations. A good portable music system can be an instant party-starter, or it can let them play the songs that remind them of home, family, and above all you.

• Water Purifier Bottle – One of the most common reasons for health problems among travellers is a lack of purified water. Honestly, it isn’t possible to find bottled water everywhere and even if you do, there is no guarantee that it is safe to drink. Also, there is the possibility of running out of bottled or purified water during a long hike or trek. A water purifier is a must for all sorts of travellers, especially the adventurous kind. While selecting a water purifier bottle, read the instructions carefully and ensure that you only get the best one.

• Spot Satellite Messenger – This one is for the wandering souls who like to venture into the wilderness. Though it sounds and is a lot fun to do so, there are always people who want to know about your well-being, which is why it’s a good idea to keep at least some connection to civilization. Spot Satellite Messenger works where no modern technology can. It gives you a connection where normal mobile phones won't. Your partner can share their current location, their travel patterns, and status with you and folks back home. In the case of an emergency, the messenger can alert those who are available for immediate and urgent help.

There is no limit to adventure and thus, there can’t be any limit to ideas when it comes to selecting a gift for the adventure lovers in our lives. However, it is the intentions and the care that you thought of them which will express your feelings to them in their truest form. 

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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