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The Most Promising Solar Powered Devices For 2016

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Using eco-friendly resources in our daily lives is the latest trend in all spheres of life. In fact, if we could imagine living in the world where everything, starting from our home appliances to our cars, could operate on solar energy, there won’t be any more debates on how technological advancements are threatening our environment and thus, the very core of our existence. Though use of solar power to meet our basic needs isn’t the “in thing”, slowly and steadily it will become an inseparable part of our daily routine. Some of these solar powered devices to look forward to including:

• Wireless Solar keyboards and mouse:

Wireless Solar keyboards and mouse

Some companies are already making them but they aren’t in-demand yet. However, it doesn’t mean they soon won’t be. A wireless solar powered keyboard gives you the liberty to be free of any wires or batteries. All your keyboard needs is a few hours in the sun and it’s good to use. These keyboards have the ability to get power both indoor and outdoor, just in case you do not like the idea of staying out in the sun too much with your computer or laptop. Pair it up with a solar-powered mouse though it’s not popular in the market yet since its testing in 2007 in the Netherlands. Be the first amongst your friends to buy this totally cool gadget combo and flaunt your super-tech yet super eco-friendly self!

• Sun table:

Sun table

Who doesn’t like spending a nice sunny day outdoors? But imagine having to run inside now and then to plug in your phone or your laptop because it is out of battery! Annoying, isn’t it? A sun table, even though may not be the most attractive table, is highly useful – first because it is solar powered and second because it is weather-resistant. The table’s surface is made up of cells that capture solar energy throughout the day and store it for future use. So, when you are sitting out or having a party and one of your friends or you need to charge your phone or laptop or any such gadget which requires plugging in, just remove the cap off the electrical outlet on the table and plug-in your gadget.

• Solar Boom Box or speakers:

Solar Boom Box

Think of being able to carry speakers who do not require wires or batteries to operate but simply the sun? The invention of solar-powered boom box lets you carry your music anytime anywhere. You can also use the boom box to charge your iPod or iPhone while playing music through the speakers. Again, it’s not a gadget that is common yet but that also lets you be the early adopter to own it and show it off to your friends. After all, what’s a cool new gadget if you can’t flaunt it!

• Solar-Powered Cell Phone Chargers:

This one is probably the most useful of all the solar-powered devices invented so far. These solar powered chargers aren’t only meant for charging phones but other gadgets as well. Most of these come with 10-12 types of connectors which mean they will work for almost every type of phone you may have. Depending upon the price and the type, some of these also have a charging dock for iPhones and some even come with a high capacity of as much as 20,000 mAh that is strong enough power a laptop.

• Solar- Powered Charging Backpack:

This one is for travellers and lovers of the outdoors. These solar-powered charging backpacks are perfect to charge your devices on-the-go. These backpacks mostly have a removable solar pack with a universal USB battery that can normally be charged using an adapter. They also come with different power channels for different kinds of gadgets.

• Solar-Powered e-Reader:

The only more important than a book to a bibliophile is the ability to read one – anytime, anywhere. But. Let’s face it, the sun can’t always shine and neither can your e-Reader have an everlasting battery life. These solar-powered readers claim to last an entire day after an exposure of only 4-5vhours in the sunlight. Some prefer calling it a SolarKindle since it does what your Kindle would - on solar power.

• Outdoor Solar Camping Lantern:

This one is undoubtedly one of the best and most useful gadgets a camping lover must-have. A solar lantern is a great tool to have and is easy to charge. Only 2-3 hours of full sunlight generates enough power for the lantern to stay lit for approximately 8 hours. Most of these come with an option USB adapter that you can use with a wall socket or your computer to charge the lantern otherwise. This is an amazing & useful.

• Solar-powered Reading Lamp:

One more useful gadget for the outdoorsy people or even to be used indoors is the solar-powered reading lamp. These lamps are often foldable and hence easy to carry and some may even come with a USB port so you can charge other gadgets by plugging them to the lamp. It is surely a revolutionary product that will soon become readily available in the market to buy.

In today’s world, every day is a new day for technological innovations and inventions. Scientists and researchers all over the world are spending hours in laboratories discovering new ways to harness natural sources of energy and experimenting with them to see the practical uses of these products in day-to-day life. Needless to say, some of this equipment come with a hefty price tag but it’s the case with limited demand. Soon enough, our way of life will change and these gadgets and devices will become a routine and with increased demand, the prices may fall too. At the end of the day, it is an environmental-friendly way of life and is beneficial to the humankind in the long run.

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens


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