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10 waterproof gadgets that you can’t ignore

Technology has become so omnipresent that it is impossible for us to spend a single second without our gadgets. Even though most of the modern gadgets come with product warranty, damage by water is not covered in that warranty and it is definitely not worth to rely on your luck for the safety of your expensive gadgets when you have the option to go for waterproof gadgets. Waterproof technology has come a long way indeed. So whether you are planning your next adventure trip or a simple pool party or even gearing up for the upcoming rainy season, it is worth to get some waterproof viral gadgets. Let’s have a look at 10 waterproof gadgets that you can’t ignore:

1. Sony Xperia Tablet Z2:

Miss watching movies while in the pool? Even though, there are several other waterproof tablets in the market, you would certainly love its battery backup and its ability to handle even high def videos. Don’t forget to take a Netflix subscription while you fix your next movie date in a pool.

2. GoPro Hero3+ with Dive Housing:

How the divers wished that the underwater cameras were less bulky. GoPro Hero cameras are meant for the adventurous souls. This is one camera that will make sure that you get the ultra-sharp and crisp underwater pictures- thanks to its 4K ultra resolution.

3. Sony Cybershot DSC-TX30:

The images clicked by Sony Cybershot cameras have always been excellent and if you are still a stranger to the amazing picture quality of Sony cameras, you have to try Cybershot TX30. Apart from being waterproof and shockproof, this is one camera this is really tough.

4. GoScope Boost Selfie stick:

A selfie stick is an absolute must for any traveller and what better than a selfie stick that is waterproof and by waterproof, we mean snowproof too. If the large size of selfie sticks has kept you away from owning them- you would certainly love this one for its small size, just 21 inches when folded but extends upto 34 inches when required.

5. Sennheiser CX C80 Sports:

There is no doubt that headphones are one of the most beloved possessions of a music lover. Sennheiser CX C80 headphones come with an in- canal earphone which makes them an excellent choice for a workout. Since they are waterproof, you can easily wash them after your workout session and keep the odor away. This means, you can A drizzle should not be a reason to put your headphones off your ears and take away the joy of listening your favorite music while enjoying the rain.

6. Corsair Flash Voyager GT:

A wet flash drive is the last thing that you would like asit puts all your data at risk. The Corsair Flash Voyager GT comes with a rubber body that seals out all the moisture. The rugged body is shock proof too. The memory capacity of 32 GB ensures that you are never short of space.

7. EscapeCapsule iPhone case:

Well, Apple loyalists swear by the no fuss phone replacement warranty offered by the company, what pisses them off that the damage caused by water is not covered in that warranty. So it makes perfect sense to get a waterproof iphone case. The Escape Capsule case is not just waterproof, but also protects your phone from snow, scratches and mud.

8. Bragi Dash:

Who would not like a pair of cable-less, sweat proof, in your ear waterproof earphones? If you are also among those who dream of a headphone who also has a mp3 player, then you should certainly try Bragi Dash. The features of this amazing device don’t seem to end here. It has a memory of storing over 1000 songs and has the ability to act as a Bluetooth headset. Some additional features include tracking your heart rate and other movements like speed and distance covered. Do you still need more reasons to order this device for you?

9. Garmin vivoactive:

Garmin has been a leader in developing high end navigating systems. The Garmin Vivoactive is developed for those athletes who don’t differentiate between sea and the land. This device comes with an inbuilt fitness tracker not to mention the Garmin navigator (GPS enabled). You can also track your sports activities through in built sports apps. The best part is that you can connect it with your phone and can get access to your calls and mails.

10. A waterproof phone:

A waterproof phone is certainly not a dream any more. If you are looking for a phone that you can take in your shower or even in the pool, then you should certainly try Samsung Galaxy S5. It is a great smartphone, but the fact that it is waterproof brings this phone the brownie points. If you can’t put down your phone while you are driving, getting a cell phone car mount by infernal innovations is a great idea. This is certainly one of the most important future car accessories.

You can either buy a waterproof phone or go for a waterproof phone case. The choice is entirely yours. Apart from this, there are several other expensive items in your bag which can be completely damaged by water- your laptop being one of them. Another great idea is to invest in a waterproof bag that can keep all your gadgets safe from unplanned incidents like getting soaked in the rain. Apart from these waterproof gadgets, there are a number of innovative gadgets coming up in the gadget market. Keep hooked to our blog to stay updated on what’s new in the gadget market.

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