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5 Benefits Of Using A Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder

Can you imagine your life without a cell phone? Today’s cell phones boasts enormous capabilities, making these tiny devices an essential part of modern life. Cell phones have become the go-to devices for a myriad of different tasks such as surfing the Internet, sending emails, playing music and of course, speaking. Unfortunately, our addiction to this essential beast has also made as addicts. So much so that we are tempted to use our cell phones while driving. Can you imagine the dangers of using your phone while driving?

Thanks to the invention of the magnetic air vent phone holder, many of the dangers associated with using the cell phone and driving can now be curbed. How so? A magnetic phone holder for car poses the following benefits for a driver:

Prevents distractions while driving

According to a study published in 2010 by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reaching for items inside the car while driving was the leading cause of accidents on the road. Magnetic phone holders prevent such distractions by enabling you to place your phone right in front of you on a special holder. If the phone should ring, you will no longer have to fumble in your pockets or look around in the car.

Improved hearing

A magnetic air vent phone holder allows you to place your phone near you, so that when a call comes in you can hear the speaker clearly. Without a holder, you are probably balancing your phone between your shoulder and ear, making listening clearly an almost impossible feat. The chances of the phone falling are also very high. By mounting your phone on the magnetic car mount holder, your hands are free to maneuver the steering.

Enables GPS capabilities

A magnetic air vent phone holder enables you to use your phone as a GPS. This is a good device for when you are driving to a new destination and require driving directions. Without a magnetic phone stand, your head will always be looking away and down at the map, which will lead you into an accident.

Can be used as a charger

Some phone holders have cell phone charging capabilities. Typically, active cell phone mounting devices enable this feature. They will begin to charge your cell phone as soon as you place it in the cradle. If you have a passive mount, you may have to attach your phone to your vehicle’s electrical system. A separate cable may be required.

Easier to view messages

You might be expecting an important email or message from a colleague at work, how can you safely check your messages without taking your eyes off the road? A universal magnetic cell phone holderallows you to do just that. Simply tap or click your phone while it is held in the device. Your eyes will be on the road while you do that.

Without a doubt, a universal magnetic cell phone holder is a good investment. There are many different types available in the market, so be sure to test out a few before purchasing one.

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