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Air Vent Phone Mount

Air Vent Phone Mount

Regardless of whether you are going on a long journey or just heading to the grocery store, a phone mount is necessary.An air vent phone mount is a device with expandable jaws that among other areas, attach to the air vent in your car.An air vent phone mount securely holds your phone in place, keeping it safe while you are behind the wheel.This device holds your smart phone and other mobile device right where you can see it.Plus,phone mounts saves you a whole lot of trouble.

Air Vent Phone Mount

It is very unsafe to be on the phone while driving. The best air vent phone holder will save you from violating traffic laws. The worst thing about using a handheld device when driving is getting caught.It is against the law in most states. If you get caught, you could get pulled over and issued a ticket. Air vent phone holder also holds up your phone even during bumpy rides or when you are maneuvering through rough roads or taking a sharp bend. The different cell phone holder for car vent comes with their unique capabilities. The numerous designs available, gives you a vast array of options to choose from.There is no reason why you shouldn’t get yourself one.

Features of Air Vent Phone Mount

Air vent cell phone mount come in several stylish designs with cradle grip that fits easily into your air vent. Some air vent phone mount comes with 360 degrees rotation. This flexibility enables the driver to rotate it to whatever angle he desires, making it all the more viewable. Vent mounts keep your smart phone in sight so you can stay in touch. Never miss any interesting or important message or call just because you are behind the wheels.

It has a soft padding (silicon) which protects your phone.Keeping mobile devices safe from scratches and prevents it from falling. Air vent mount comes with a flexible cradle that easily adjusts both vertically, horizontally and angled. Most of them are small enough to fit into any pocket. They weigh less than an ounce. Not only does it hold up your phone, it also holds the phone casing along with it.

Benefits of Air Vent Phone Mount

  • GPS navigation at eye level to provide you directions while you drive
  • Live music streaming of your favorite band or songs
  • Bluetooth and hands free call reception so that you are always connected to your loved ones
  • No distractions as the phone is held up where you can see it while your eyes are on the road
  • Lowers risk of accident as your hand and mind is free
  • Eliminates the constant desire of fiddling with your phone
  • Easy removal when necessary, you can easily remove the air vent phone mount by using a single hand
  • Most of the dashboard phone mounts come with articulating arms to help the users maneuver the phone at the angle
  • 360 degree rotation,thus, you can use it quite easily
  • Protects your phone from slipping, falling and breaking
  • Most air vent mounts are compatible with many phone brands (Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry phones, iPhones, etc)
  • Most air vent mounts are compatible with many phone brands (Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry phones, iPhones, etc)
  • Very portable, fits right into your shirt pocket
  • Easy to install and release
An air vent phone mount is not an accessory rather it is a necessity. It not only enhances the conveniences, but also keeps the phone safe.

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