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Dashboard Car Phone Holder

It is funny how you always tend to search for your phone, fiddling in your bags each time it rings. This is very dangerous since you have to take your eyes off the road while driving to do the searching. Not to mention that, use of handheld mobile devices has become illegal in most States due to the risk of accidents. But no more, with the dashboard car phone holder. You need not hold your phone any more in the car. Dashboard car phone holders redefining the way you use your phones and mobile devices.

Stop scrambling and frantically searching for your phone when you can put it where you can see it. While behind the wheel whether on a long distance journey or a quick drive to the mall, a car phone holder is essential. It positions your phone on your car dashboard, within your view. Need a GPS navigation? See it right in front of you. Got a call coming in? Receive Bluetooth calls as well as give voice commands to your phone without stress. Do all this and more without even touching the phone.

Features of dashboard car phone holders

Offers 360 degrees rotation, making it easier for you to turn it in whatever direction you want it to face. They can stick to any surface with an extra strong grip, even the really smooth ones. They have the perfect angle of view with 360 degree rotation and are easy to adjust. Most dashboard phone mount are vibration resistant, which means they are less likely to slip slide or fall off while you drive on bumpy roads. No toxic adhesive, therefore, they are environment friendly. Finally, they are very portable.

  • The Dashboard cell phone holder is pretty easy to install because of their suction cup base. Installation can be done within a minute, and the best part is that no drilling is required
  • The dashboard phone mount come off without stress. What’s more, they leave no dents or sticky residues on your car interior
  • Your car has enough space where it can fit into. The best Dashboard phone holder can be attached to your dashboard or even the windshield if need be.
  • Optimized view of your phone for GPS direction, call reception, capturing pictures or receiving notifications. The dashboard car phone holder ensures great convenience at all times.
  • Dashboard phone holders can be installed in any type of vehicle, SUV, truck or golf cart.
  • Keeps you connected on the go, now you can take the calls or send voice messages to your loved ones without risking your life or getting a ticket.
  • Protects your precious phone from falling and getting scratches
  • The best dash mount comes with swivel and secures your phone to the dashboard en route. Even when you need to navigate through tricky roads or take sharp turns, your phone remains safe
  • They are easy to clean and if you decide to relocate it elsewhere in the car, just clean it with water
  • Dashboard car phone holder, plus your phone equals great travel companion. You can even play your favorite tracks when driving
Buy the dashboard cell phone mount and save yourself some tickets on the road. By using a car phone holder, you can keep your eyes on the road and avoid any inconvenience.

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