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Dashboard Cell Phone Mount

In this digital age, cell phones have become increasingly indispensable for most of us. We just can’t seem to do without them, can we? Before now, you would constantly have to pick up our phones, to answer or to make calls, check messages or use the GPS. Dropping and picking up our phones at regular intervals while en route means taking your eyes off the road. Isn’t it a recipe for disaster?

Driving requires concentration, keeping your eyes on the road. Texting or taking a call with handheld devices is the reason a lot of road accidents occur annually. To prevent accidents, most States in the U.S have taken strict measures by making the use of hand-held devices while driving illegal. Even though it’s against traffic rules, drivers still violate these rules, endangering lives of other road users. The biggest concern about using the phone while driving is that the figures by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proves that manually operating the phone increases distraction and is one of the biggest cause of fatal road accidents.

Not anymore, with the car mounts that hold your phones in place while you drive; it’s the best way to secure your phone. Some can be mounted on vents, some on cup holder and on dashboards/windshields; all with their various advantages and disadvantages. Among all, dashboard cell phone mounts are the best. They are positioned right where you can see them without any distraction or without obstructing a driver’s view or car controls.

Features of the dashboard cell phone mount

Dashboard cell phone mounts come in different shapes and colors with various functionalities. Some cell phone dashboard mounts serve as chargers so you won’t have to fret over low battery on your journey. They also come with openings for the camera making it easy for you to record a video of accident scenes or take a quick photo of traffic offenders or even record your travel video when you are on a road trip with your family or friends. Dashboard cell phone mounts have a suction base that attaches to windshields; they are really stable. They are by far the best as they stay intact even when you ride on a bumpy road or problematic maneuvers. Some GPS manufacturers produce mounts with GPS features incorporated in them for easy navigation. The GPS enhance clarity of instructions. The best car mounts are washable, 360 degrees adjustable and universal.

  • They provide GPS navigation during the journeys
  • Help us stay connected to incoming emails and messages on the go
  • You can also listen to your favorite music
  • You’ll save yourself a ticket as using the cell phone while driving is a punishable offense
  • They are easy to install
  • Ease in removal of phone that is, you can remove the phone from the mount by using only a single hand in case of emergency
  • Most of the dashboard phone mounts come with articulating arms to help the users maneuver the phone at the angle
  • Most of the dashboard phone mounts come with articulating arms to help the users maneuver the phone at the angle
The cost of the dashboard cell phone mount is not too high and you can easily buy them online at competitive prices.

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