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Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Does it bother you that you can’t drive and stay connected to the world simultaneously? Before now, you would have to reach down beside you to grab your phone whenever a message or call comes in. It could be that you have the dangerous habit of staring at the phones GPS every now and again, thereby taking your eyes off the road. But with coming of magnetic cell phone holder using the phone while driving has become so much simpler.





In today’s times, it is normal to feel the urge to always be close to your phone even when you are driving? With the magnetic phone holder, your phone just got closer than ever. Magnetic cell phone holders secure your cell phones in your car. Magnetic cell phone holders can be placed on your dashboard, vents, and cup holders. It fits right where you can see the phone without interfering with your concentration as you drive or without taking your eyes off the road.


Features of magnetic cell phone holders



  Benefits of Magnetic Cell Phone Holders

  • Most magnetic cell phone holders have GPS coordinates embedded in them by their manufacturers. This enhances the driving experience and makes it easier to reach your destination.

  • They are compatible with smart phones and other devices such as iPods, MP3 player, and tablets. Simply place the device in the holder and sit back and enjoy your favorite music

  • Just peel off the adhesive and attach to the back of your phone. You need not worry of it falling off the phone, it will stay safe inspite of the road conditions.

  • It is highly durable because it is made from the high-quality materials and strong magnets. Thus, your phone will always remain safe.

  • You can adjust the height and the direction of phone in the mount to accommodate the user whether it be vertical or horizontal, keeping your optimal viewing angle in mind. It is also capable of rotating 360 degrees to ensure ease of use.

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