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Universal Cell Phone Holder

If you like your cell phone close to you at all times, you are not alone. In this technological era when it has become increasingly important to always stay connected, it is not possible to be without your smartphone. Even when you are driving, it is difficult to stop yourself from checking the phone. Isn’t it? But this has serious threat to our well-being. But now it’s possible to have your phone within view and still keep your eyes on the road.

This is one of the reasons why phone holders were created. Car cell phone holders are a must have. Regular cell phone holders are custom made to fit certain phone models and specific sizes.

The interesting thing about a universal magnetic cell phone holder is that they fit any type of phone. If for any reason you had to change your cell phone, the same universal phone holder you have will suffice. There is no need to go looking for another holder to purchase. Stop searching for your cell phone in your car all the time. Universal cell phone devices can comfortably hold your mobile devices and cell phone along with their skin, covers, and casing.

Features of universal cell phone holders

A lot of universal magnetic cell holders share common features. For instance, most of them have 360 rotation capabilities, flexible enough to enable cell phone adjustment to any desired angle. They also have side clutches that can be adjusted to fit your phone. They come in various sizes that accommodate different phone thickness or length. While some of the universal cell phone holders come with magnetic suction base that makes for an easy attachment. The suction cups holding them are mostly made of adhesive materials that keep them steady, even when you drive on bumpy, rough roads.

  Benefits of Magnetic Cell Phone Holders

  • Holds phone in place protecting it from slipping and scratches
  • Compatible with any phone size
  • Provides GPS navigation on your phone screen without you having to touch the phone
  • Universal phone holders easily stick to any surface, whether on your car dashboard, air vent or on your office desk
  • No need to strain yourself to see the display on your phone because it’ll be positioned right in front of you
  • 360 rotation ability enables you to adjust the screen towards any direction or angle you desire
  • Hands free communication. You can receive Bluetooth calls and give voice commands to your cell phone
  • Get the messages and email notifications on the go
  • Worried about the holder leaving marks on your car interior? Most cell phone holders come with suction cups that can be removed and replaced without leaving scratches on your dashboard
  • Worried about your cell phone pouch? Don’t. Phone and pack will fit into a universal phone mount
  • Easy retrieval of the phone whenever the need arises. Although, the universal magnetic cell phone car mount strong enough to hold your phone in place during the ride, when you get to your destination, taking out your phone is really easy
  • Saves you tickets as you don’t need to take your eyes off the road or hold on to your hand-held devices which is a traffic offense in most states

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